Launching of SS-5 Online Processing Assistant-Insights

Any person who works in the United States receives a unique Social Security number. This number is then required to do all sorts of transactions, from getting a bank account to getting a mortgage. New employers ask for the number, and it is an important part of getting a credit card.Getting your social security number is a critical goal for identity thieves. They want it because it is one of the keys that unlock their ability to get credit cards and other debt instruments in your name.So, everyone seems to know that the number is a secret which should be guarded, but how much do people actually know about it, and what is the right way to file a complaint against a business which is potentially compromising your identity.Have a look at press release here for more info on this.

The social security number system started in the mid-1930s as a way for the government to track the beneficiaries of its new social security retirement system. everyone was assigned a number. That number was the key to knowing how much the person had paid into the system, and it unlocked the payments paid to that person in retirement.Ironically, the legislation that created the social security number specifically said that it would not become a national identification code. More recently, that sentiment has become laughable. Social security numbers are essentially national identification numbers within the United States.There are a number of resources Americans can use to obtain information about their social security number.First, they can check their credit reports frequently, to determine whether anyone is using their number. This can be done easily and for free once per year using the government’s Annual Credit Report system.Second, they can contact the US Government. The Social Security Administration offers a statement which contains the person’s contributions to the system as well as the expected benefit at retirement.

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