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If you have entered your retirement years, and are finally enjoying the travels you have been promising yourself for a lifetime, one of your first destinations should be Mexico. Mexico is a country in which you will be treated with warmth by a native population of innately happy and extraordinarily helpful people. Politeness is as natural to Mexicans as breathing. And one thing you will not experience during your Mexico vacation is the surliness which you may encounter in other popular vacation spot.Check mexico vacation villa rentals

Mexico vacations offer you the chance to enjoy the vast desert expanses of Baja California, the lush density of the Yucatán rain forest, the bustle of the resort beach towns, or the serenity of more secluded coastal hideaways. You will find all the excitement of the one of the world’s largest cities, along with all the charms of villages with cobblestone streets where the populations still gather on southern summer evenings to enjoy music in the towns’ Plazas

Each of Mexico’s states has a unique character, and you can explore all of them during your Mexico vacation. Mexico has far more to offer seniors than the tourist trade of Tijuana. If your picture of Mexico has been formed from watching Western movies shot beneath unforgiving desert suns, where the only green in sight is that of cacti, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. Mexico is the land of flowers, and you will find them everywhere. Even the poorest homes will be brightened by carefully tended blooming plants.

Mexico vacations can take you to any of the country’s hundreds of valleys or plateaus, where for each 300 feet you climb above sea level, the temperature will drop one degree Fahrenheit. Mexico’s higher altitudes have a spring-like feel all year long!

If you know where to look, Mexico vacations can be remarkably affordable. One of the secrets to vacationing in Mexico for seniors on a budget is to avoid the luxury resorts. One thing most travelers to Mexico do not realize is that the vast majority of Mexican tourists are the Mexicans themselves, whose annual income does not permit them to pay the prices normally charged to foreign tourists. So begin your Mexico vacation by getting a low-cost travel guide to Mexico, which will explain the secrets of seeing the country on a budget.

You may be concerned that taking Mexican vacations will expose you to the “tourists disease.” Turista is a very real problem in Mexico, and as a senior citizen, you might be especially vulnerable to its miseries. Avoid the issue entirely by drinking either boiled or bottled water throughout your stay. Also, be wary of raw vegetables washed in un-purified water.

You will never run out of things to do during your Mexico vacations. From Guadalahara’s eight golf courses, marvelous art museums, and countless restaurants, to the Mayan ruins, tropical rain forest, and calm Caribbean waters of Cozumel, Mexico is a cultural, historical, and environmental treasure trove.

You can choose Mexico vacations which you plan yourself, or you could choose Mexico vacations arranged with the help of a travel agency. A travel agency can book guided tours to the Mexico destinations of your choice, which include not only walking tours but bus, ATV, and boat travel. Your travel agent will be the best one to find a tour suitable for your level of fitness.

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